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XVI Congreso Internacional de Estudios Clásicos de la
Fédération internationale des associations d’études classiques (FIEC)


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Register of participants

As indicated in our Call for Papers, all proposals will be received until 29 October 2021 and will be peer-reviewed by the Organizing Committee, whose decision will be unappealable. Their acceptance will be announced individually by e-mail from 1st. to 28th. February 2022. Each paper must take no more than a 20-minute reading, in order to allow further discussion. The inscription fee for all participants is $200.00 U.S. Dlls. UNAM academics, students, as well as members of AMEC who participate with a paper will get a 50% discount.











In case of proposing a paper, please indicate the panel in which you intend to participate



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I accept and authorize the electronic publication, transmission and recording of my paper. Therefore, I will fill out and send the correspondent Authorization Form. *